Elevator Rescue Training and Consulting

Elevator Rescue Training for Firefighters

As first responders’ firefighters are often called to respond to entrapped passengers. This program offers the trainee the skills and techniques to coordinate a team in the safe evacuation of entrapped passengers by teaching them how to assess the scenario, identify hazards, and then plan and execute an action plan. 

Elevator Rescue Training for Building Owners/Employees

In some situations, the response time for an elevator technician or first responder may be considered unacceptable or unreliable due to a remote location or the environment of the device. This TSSA Certified Program is offered to building owners and managers for the purpose of training and certifying their employees on the procedures to safely rescue entrapped passengers from elevating devices under their direct care.   



Elevators are a significant part of your building operations. If you need assistance with a new project, a retro fit or upgrade or general maintenance we can help you in all the aspects of your project. From application and design, specification documents, proposal reviews to quality control we have the experience to ensure you receive the proper equipment, installation and service you deserve.