ElevatorTEC is a Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) registered training provider for Elevating Devices Emergency Evacuation Training and as such meets the TSSA Guidelines in all our training.

In providing this program to Firefighters ElevatorTEC will:

• Review your fire departments written Standard Operating Procedures for Elevator Rescue (SOP/OG), as per Minister of Labour (MOL) Firefighters Guidance Notes or assist in its development as required.

• Integrate your SOPs/OGs unique requirements into our Elevator Emergency Awareness and Rescue Training for Firefighters training program. 

• Through classroom and practical training methods, ensure the Firefighter is trained in rescue operations that meet and often exceed the expectations of your SOPs/OGs as well as the Required Guidance notes.

• Complete on-site, hands on training that will ensure each trainee is competent and confident to perform the procedures expected of the rescuer in a safe and efficient manner.

Our program has been developed to ensure the firefighter is able to assess:

• Special conditions that are to be considered in emergency evacuation rescue operations that are particular to an elevating device. 

• Determine when extraordinary conditions related to the elevating devices are encounter and how this influences safe rescue operations